These Walls Tell Stories : Photography from The Hat District - Luton.

Hat Works, The Hat District, Luton 2018

Hat Works, The Hat District, Luton 2018


These Walls Tell Stories : photography from the Hat District is a curated photography exhibition showcasing abstract images of construction and progression.

This project all started when I saw a number of old hat factories and spaces were being restored and reimagined to provide new creative work-spaces. Having previously undertaken work in the heritage and economic regeneration fields this offered exciting opportunities.

Luton in Bedfordshire is close to where I live and for many years was the centre of the UK’s hat-making industry. As trends and production techniques have ebbed and flowed since the 17th century, the industry eventually compacted. And whilst Luton still has some specialised hat suppliers, many beautiful buildings were left in disrepair or under-utilised as the industry evolved.

Luton Culture has a vision to continue this process of adaptation and reinvention and has developed a programme of building restorations and refurbishment in the heart of the town, to be known as The Hat District.

Following positive meetings with Luton Culture I was delighted to be commissioned, via my business and project photography business Mubsta Business Photography, to document the buildings and this exciting process of transformation over a two to three year period.

These Walls Tell Stories was the first exhibition of images drawn from this project and took place at the Storefront in Luton (an old hat showroom!) from 30 Nov 2018 (extended to) 21 Dec 2018.

The images were abstract perspectives of the spaces pre-restoration, a number of which are available with the kind collaboration of Luton Culture as limited edition (24 of each only) signed prints.