How does Shaun Armstrong approach his photography?

I enjoy actively observing reality rather than constructing an image from scratch. This applies to all aspects of my photography, be that client commissions or personal projects.

All images, from all genres are shot as found, with no intervention or staging. The only exception may be a posed portrait where, even then, I aim to capture the person as quickly and as naturally as possible. Light is also used as found, rather than created.

What subjects do you like to photograph?

This is done by finding a position, perspective or moment to capture that supports a story, poses a question or just resonates aesthetically with me. Perhaps the way people, objects, shapes, textures, contrasts and light interact; in an old building, the workings and lines of a machine, an interesting person or a crowd, everyday patterns within wide streets or the wild, or in the detail and shape of ordinary things.

I work across many genres preferring to express my personal photographic style in any situation where I can.

Shaun Armstrong 2019