These Walls Tell Stories : Photography Exhibition and limited edition prints / postcards / by Shaun Armstrong

These Walls Tell Stories : Hat District Photography…


This project all started when I saw a number of old hat factories and spaces were being restored and reimagined to provide new and vibrant multi-use creative spaces for …

Luton, Bedfordshire is close to where I live and for many years was the centre of the UK’s hat-making industry. As trends and production techniques have ebbed and flowed since the 17th century, the industry eventually compacted. Whilst Luton still has a specialised hat industry, many beautiful buildings were left in disrepair or under-utilised.

Luton Culture had a vision to continue this process of adaptation and reinvention putting together a programme of restorations and refurbishment in the heart of the town, to be known as The Hat District.

Following exciting meetings with Luton Culture I was delighted to be commissioned, via my business and project photography business Mubsta Business Photography, to document the buildings and this exciting process of transformation over a two to three year period.

The project covers documenting the spaces before, during and after alongside the process of specialised work and industry plus the change in the streetscape as they evolve.


This first exhibition though focuses on capturing details and abstract elements pre-restoration. The patterns created by the diverse materials and building layout as it start to change

A selection of 6 images will be available to buy as a set of postcards during the exhibition and certain images as limited editions of signed A3 prints.

Please do drop in if you’re passing and follow on your chosen social spaces for updates and more information. #thesewallstellstories

These Walls Tell Stories in collaboration with Luton Culture and presented by Matthew Shaul of The Departure Lounge, takes place at the Storefront in Luton (an old hat factory showroom) between 30 Nov 2018 to 14 Dec 2018 (Wed-Sat 1:00pm to 6:00pm). **EXTENDED to 21 December 2018**