Pictures and Picasso / by Shaun Armstrong

“Essentially there is only love. Whatever it may be” Pablo Picasso


Every artist or creative should make time to view the work of others, especially those who are successful in their chosen field and better still if not of the same genre. It stimulates new ideas and routes to more unique experimentation within your own skill-set. And for me, no visit to London is complete without a visit to Tate Modern where there is usually something interesting or challenging to see.

This visit gave an opportunity to see the “1932” exhibition of works by Pablo Picasso during this key year of creativity and output but also “SHAPE OF LIGHT : 100 Years of photography & abstract art” exploring the evolution of creative approaches to image creation.

Here are a few quotes I liked from Shape of Light :

“Why should the inspiration that comes from an artist’s manipulation of the hairs fo a brush be any different from that of the artist who bends at will the rays of light?”

Pierre Dubreuil


My only aim was to express reality, for there is nothing more surreal than reality itself. If reality fails to fill us with wonder, it is because we have fallen into the habit of seeing it as ordinary”



Whilst I enjoyed the Picasso retrospective , I found myself more intrigued by those viewing than the work itself. The photographer’s curse I guess; not really be able to be somewhere interesting without seeing images you want to capture…

People are just fascinating, so here are some moments of (indoor) street iphonography…