What’s it like inside the newly refurbished MK Gallery? / by Shaun Armstrong

Review and images from inspired inside the new contemporary art gallery, meeting and exhibition space MK Gallery in Milton Keynes.


I’ve been a regular visitor to MK Gallery in Milton Keynes over the years and have been following the expansion and refurbishment programme with interest until March 2019 when it finally reopened its doors. So I wandered along to have a nosey and to capture a sense of the new space with reportage photography.


The shiny metal box with its feature windows already sits well with the other iconic building shapes at the eastern end of Central Milton Keynes and when the outside landscaping is complete it will be both a gateway and a destination location.

The interior space has been beautifully conceived (6a architects) comprising clean white-box exhibit spaces, areas of exposed concrete and bright primary-coloured steelwork and signage to complement the light, urban feel. More Pompidou than pomp. With the addition of a fine cafe space, expanded shop and spacious Sky Room meeting/exhibit/theatre/meeting space with lovely views across Campbell Park and beyond it already feels right at home.


As you can read in my earlier posts I find as much, if not sometimes more, photographic inspiration from space and the people that weave around it than the exhibits, not that these disappoint. On the contrary the inaugural exhibition “Lie of The Land” is both eclectic and informative.

That said, I did find equal muse in the building and the people…


See my full gallery of images from my first visit to MK Gallery.

A visit to MK Gallery (free entry / membership benefits available) is highly recommended and I look forward to popping in again soon…