The Duke Spirit - Everybody's Under Their Spell / by Shaun Armstrong


I first heard about The Duke Spirit from my cousin's lad Matt when he told me how his drummer mate Olly couldn't make his wedding due to his band having to fly, at short notice, to USA...huh? Rock and Roll!! *makes that horn sign thing with hand*.

It would so good to photograph them! Hang on "Duke Spirit Release Kusama EP - Mini Tour planned in Feb" Get the proverbial in...I wonder whether..."Matt, you know all the lovely wedding stuff I did, well......?!)

Fast forward to a wet and dreary Guildford; me, The Duke Spirit and some cold ones, in the brightest yellow kitchen you have ever dared imagine, backstage at "The Boileroom" shooting the breeze about, of all people, Alan Turing and even more bizarrely how lead singer Liela Moss's Mum had met his housekeeper at the doctors once (!)

So, after a few covert shots backstage, just a few as all a little new and not wanting to be a the gig. Great. Loads of people but managed to charm/push my way to the front and got into a nice stress position as the stage was only about 2 foot off the floor with two large central girders "being removed in the refurb!" Lighting was a little, er "subtle" as well and Liela Moss is a mover, so wide open/high ISO and hang on tight...

Love the music, been too long since I've been to a proper gig and really enjoyed it - it was a bit of a warmup for the tour and NME Award show in London the next day but great crowd reactions. Mucho thanks to Olly, Liela, Luke, Toby & Marc for their hospitality and signing my EP :)