Hipstamatic App on the iPhone / by Shaun Armstrong

There's nothing quite so satisfying for a photographer (and by that I mean anyone who has an image capture device of any sort and choice) to seize a moment for posterity or artistic joy - we all do it differently but, to my mind, the least posed and set-up the better.  


Hotel waiting, Barcelona


And then, there's nothing more creatively draining or boring than a lack of spontaneity...at least as a recipient. The fact that comedians, musicians, actors, architects, pyrotechnicians etc. learn and practice what they do by rote (by and large) and with great prep before we "experience" it is another matter, not sure I want to go to a "spontaneous" firework display but I digress...

Hipstamatic App on the iPhone

Craft tools Palau-Del-Vidre, France

The Hipstamatic app on the iPhone is an article of joy allowing you at a swipe (albeit a creatively directed one) to produce an image of drama and wonder from everyday happenings. A nice clean high-res photo is a record yes, but with simple effects that mimic lenses, that add to rather than merely record an image view plus the tactile nature of old film (without any post production faffing about, digital, wet or otherwise - sorry, back to the low process boredom issue) are great!

I've just come back from a family holiday and amongst the usual activities managed to have some fun with this little app without carrying around great hoards of kit and being a pest to wife, daughters et al; somehow these little walnuts of memory wouldn't have been the same or would have passed with the DLSR sledgehammer or even a competent pocket camera (I have a shiny new Ixus 300HS which does this).

Now, I've not explored some of the addtional lenses and films you can buy to add to the App (I favour the basic John S lens and Kodot film), or indeed tried the competitions (yet) but for £1.19 I would recommend it is worth a go and will reward many times over. It works best when you have a core subject, rather than wider views given it only produces little images/files for things like this, but still worth the fun. Hipstamatic images from France and Barcelona :) Credit and thanks to @Documentally for highlighting this app originally. A man of many and varied tools but like all good craftsmen, its what you do with them that counts...