Shaun Armstrong is a UK-based professional photographer specialising in observational reportage and documentary photography.

From photographing the built or decayed physical environment and candid people and street photography, to live performance, Shaun works with his clients to create and supply unique images.

This website showcases a variety of commissioned and personal photography projects which, depending on topic, can be licensed, bought as a print, or all just viewed as examples of his work.



Photography interpreting built environments and the spaces around them; wide and in detail, both active and deserted.



Humans : photography of people in their natural environment; some posed, mainly not.

“Within all my photography, be that client commissions or personal projects, I actively observe rather than construct.

I find a position, perspective or moment to capture that supports a story, poses a question or just resonates aesthetically with me and hopefully others. This can include the way people, objects, shapes, textures and light interact; perhaps the workings and lines of a machine, an interesting person or a crowd, everyday patterns within wide streets or the wild, or in the detail of buildings and ordinary things.

All images here, from all genres are shot as found, with no intervention or staging. The only exception would be a posed portrait where, even then, I aim to capture the person as quickly and as naturally as possible.

It’s normal and perhaps desirable, from a number of perspectives, for photographers to focus on a specific genre. But I find that restricting, preferring to express my personal visual style in any situation where I can which hopefully opens as many interesting and creative doors as it shuts potentially.

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Shaun Armstrong